Kids Classes

Our Warrior Cubs programme is a structured, safe and positive environment for your child to develop 3 times per week.

The classes are mixed and cater to children of all abilities.

The Warrior Cubs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes follow a grading system and stripes or belts are awarded approximately every 3 months subject to required attendance and progression.

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Monday - 4.15pm [Kickboxing ages 5-7]

Tuesday - 4.15pm [Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ages 5-7]

Tuesday - 5.00pm [Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ages 8-12]

Wednesday - 4.15pm [Kickboxing ages 8-12]

Saturday - 09.45am [Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ages 5-7]

Saturday - 10.30am [Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ages 8-12]