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Welcome to New Wave Academy Training Centre - The premier Mixed Martial Arts training facility in the South London and Croydon area.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the world's fastest growing sport. It is a full contact combat sport which allows techniques from a range of disciplines including Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We cover all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts and fitness as well as Yoga and is suitable for adults and children of all levels.

The environment is friendly but hard work and technical proficiency is the core of our ethos. All are welcome so come along and try it out whether your motivation is fitness, self defence or the pursuit of becoming a champion.

our story

New Wave Academy was founded in 2007 by 'Slick' Nick Osipczak, a competitor in MMA for many years ranked in the European top ten Welterweights.

Nick's MMA career, spanning 17 fights (9 of which in the world famous UFC octagon) resulted in a record of

14 - 3 - 0

Today NWA is run by two of his top students Colin Nwadike and Christian Ivaldi who have developed into top class coaches themselves whilst Nick focusses on other projects.

To keep fully up to date with what Nick is doing today you can follow him at www.raisedspirit.com


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